The Best Real Estate Agencies in the World

The Best Real Estate Agencies in the World

The Best Real Estate Agencies in the World


Most people when they go to sell one of their properties. At the beginning they decide to do it by their own means without hiring a third party, they try to sell their property among friends or family.

In many cases they do not obtain great results. Then they decide to get a professional service so that the property advisers manage all the work for property owners.

A real estate agency is an agency dedicated to the purchase and sale of apartments, houses, premises and offices among others like if you want an apartment for rent in dubai city then you need to consult a real estate agent of that area. 

In real estate business, the company works as a mediator between buyer and seller, which is helpful in different procedures, at the same time advising its contractor.

Choosing an inadequate real estate agency is not something you can be absolved of. Therefore, we have created a Top 10 of the most recommended real estate agencies in the World so that you feel more secure when contacting them and hiring their services. 

Signs that the Real Estate Agency you Choose is One of the Best

If you decided to sell your house or office, it is best to hire a real estate agency to take charge of all the management of the buying and selling process, however, you should not get carried away by the first one you get.

We leave you below a series of signs that will make you check the credibility of the real estate agency you are about to hire:

  • It has a presence on the Internet: Currently most of the business sectors are on the Internet, which is beneficial since you will be able to read a little more about it on the web and read real opinions of customers who made use of their services.
  • It offers transparency: The property remains your property, so a good agency must keep you informed throughout the process.
  • The agency has trained personnel, including a lawyer who can advise you in case of legal questions.
  • Do not hesitate to speak directly of their achievements, this is important since you have every right to know if you are signing with a good real estate agency.
  • It adapts to your schedule and availability , offering you advice when you need it.

These are some of the signs that show that the agency you are about to hire is safe and will really help you in the whole process. 

We leave you a series of information sheets with the necessary data from ten of the best real estate agencies in the World so that you can contact the one that best suits your needs.

Top 10 Best Real Estate Agencies

1. Optimacasa Real Estate Services

Optimacasa is the best real estate agency to sell apartments in Madrid, fast, efficient and above all professional. The positioning of its offices in strategic areas, as well as the location and attractiveness of its premises, stand out from this large real estate company, being one of the most striking in Madrid. 

Opinions of our respondents show that if you want to know how much your apartment is worth, or you are thinking of buying a home and are looking for financing, Optimacasa is the real estate agency you should call. 

They also have a legal department that will accompany you throughout the process until the end. Look no further, visit them!

2. My Apartment in Madrid

Real estate agency that has advisers with extensive experience in buying and selling real estate and expert communicators in advertising. They also have qualified lawyers to solve any legal situation that may arise. Together with these professionals, they offer a purchase, sale and rental service.

3. Madrid Real Estate

Dedicated to the real estate sector since 2006, with professionals who are in charge of advising their clients in the process of buying and selling their property. 

Recommended by its clients for being one of the real estate agencies that charge the lowest fees, only 2%, and yet they are committed to offering a service to match.

4. Gilmar Real Estate

They are an agency with more than 30 years of experience, their objective is to fulfill all the real estate needs of their clients, to be in charge of the purchase, sale and rental of commercial premises, homes, offices, land to build and any other type of related operation with the real estate sector.

5. Sole Real Estate

Real Estate Agency with more than 17 years of experience, has 40 professionals with training dedicated to advise you in your purchase, sale or rental management. They specialize in the most exclusive areas of Madrid and take care of the entire process, keeping you always informed at every step.

6. Martin Real Estate Agency

Endorsed by mre than 50 years of experience in the real estate sector, they provide solutions and advice in the area of ​​buying, selling and renting. They offer a completely transparent and professional treatment; they have lawyers, architects and artists that complement the work of the consultant.

7. Real Estate Barriers

With more than two decades of experience, Inmobiliaria Barreras, offers advisory service and management of the entire procedure of buying, selling and renting real estate, from small homes to large apartments, also offices or commercial premises. His specialties include from consulting to promotion.

8. Globalpiso

Real estate agency in Madrid with professionals having more than 10 years of experience in the area. They offer their clients a fast and efficient management in the process of buying, selling or renting apartments. GlobalPiso puts at your disposal its official app that will allow you to follow the process with just one click.

9. Presidence Real Estate

Property marketing specialist, they have a professional team capable of offering a personalized service in the search, rental or sale of their properties. They are committed to carrying out a transparent and honest process, seeking success for their clients.

10. Zoom Property

Since 2004, it has been in charge of advising you on your purchase, sale or rental process. They have highly reputed real estate agents that help you to find the best and cheap properties within no time. 


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