Best UPI App for Cashback and Rewards!

Best UPI App for Cashback and Rewards!

Best UPI App for Cashback and Rewards!


India has witnessed tremendous growth in the last few years. A big boost in this growth story is the arrival of UPI and UPI based apps. Online transactions were once seen as a time-consuming process.A single payment would have people wondering how much time NEFT takes. However, thanks to the introduction of UPI apps, the waiting time has reduced, and the payment process is simplified!

One quick look and you will notice the high adoption rate of UPI. From shopping mall, the auto rickshaw, to the grocery store in your neighbourhood – you will see the UPI QR code almost everywhere now! Sensing this immense opportunity, several online payment apps have also been introduced. As a result, you now have multiple options when it comes to choosing that one perfect UPI app.

But what is the criteria for the perfect UPI app, that will meet all your needs? If you are looking for one such app that has the power to do it all, then Airtel Thanks could be your right answer.

Why Airtel Thanks? What are its features?

With Airtel Thanks, you get one single super app that has everything that you could ever need. Here are some exciting features of the Thanks app which make it stand out:

Get cashbacks and rewards

If you have used UPI apps before, then you must be tired by the cashback promises but little to no returns. Things are completely opposite on this side of Airtel Thanks. You will get plenty of cashback offers, OTT rewards for mobile recharges, and much more.

One app for all your recharges

Aiming to complete online mobile recharges without much hassle? Once again, Airtel Thanks is here to help you. In addition, it is not just prepaid or postpaid. If you have DTH or broadband connections, then you can recharge those as well. All on UPI, completely cashless, and in an instant.

Complete your FASTag recharges

Want a new FASTag recharge so that you do not have to wait in long lines at the toll plaza? The Airtel Thanks app will help you out! With just a few steps, your FASTag recharge will be completed in no time.

Send money to anyone

You can also send money instantly to anyone any time of the day, through the UPI payment method. Search for their UPI ID or pay with the QR code scanner, you can go either ways. Airtel UPI transfer is seamless.

Buy new connections

Airtel Thanks will also let you purchase plenty of products. Starting from a new DTH connection, or port SIM card to postpaid, a new broadband connection, Airtel Xsafe cameras, financial products and so many more.

So, quickly install the Thanks app and start exploring!


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