Alabama Contractors License Renewal – 14 Hours CE

Alabama Contractors License Renewal – 14 Hours CE

Alabama Contractors License Renewal – 14 Hours CE


All licensed contractors in Alabama must renew their license every two years by completing 14 hours of approved continuing education credits. This article will overview the Alabama contractor license renewal process, including the required CE hours, course options, deadlines, and how to submit the renewal application. Ensuring a timely renewal is important to remain eligible to work on construction projects in Alabama.

Renewal Deadline

All Alabama contractor licenses must be renewed by the last day of the license holder’s birth month every two years. Missing this deadline will result in the license lapsing and late fees being assessed. Contractors will not be able to work on projects in Alabama if their license lapses legally. Licensees need to know their renewal deadlines to allow enough time to complete CE requirements.

Process of Alabama contractor license renewal

The Alabama Licensing Board manages the  Alabama contractor license renewal process for General Contractors (ALBGC). The process involves the following steps:

Required Continuing Education

Alabama contractors are required to complete 14 hours of approved continuing education during each two-year license renewal period. At least 7 hours must be in the licensee’s specific contracting field, such as electrical, plumbing, or general construction. The remaining hours can consist of courses related to business practices, safety practices, codes, or other construction topics as approved by the Homebuilders Licensure Board. This ensures licensees stay up to date with code changes, new methods, and safety standards in the industry.

Available Course Options

Licensees have several options for fulfilling their continuing education requirements. Many community colleges and technical schools across Alabama offer relevant courses. Professional associations in the contracting fields also provide seminars and training. There are private companies that put on classes specific to the building industry. Online courses are readily available for the convenience of completing CE at home. Contractors can choose from classes on relevant topics like code updates, design trends, or construction techniques.

Submitting Renewal Materials

To complete the renewal process, licensees must submit their application and documentation of completed CE courses by the renewal deadline. This should include course completion certificates listing the name, provider, and hours for each class. The application is available online or by contacting the Homebuilders Licensure Board. It requires information such as license number, name, and address. Along with CE documentation, renewal applications must include payment of the renewal license fee, which is currently $100. Only complete or complete applications may result in penalties.

Get Started Today!

To simplify the renewal process, consider using rocketCert, an online continuing education platform approved by the Alabama Homebuilders Licensure Board. With rocketCert, contractors can easily find pre-approved courses, track hours, and receive instant certificates of completion to submit with their renewal application. Get a head start on renewing your license – sign up with rocketCert today!


In conclusion, completing the Alabama contractor license renewal process on time ensures continued eligibility to work on construction projects in the state. Following the requirements of 14 hours of approved CE by the deadline, submitting the application with documented course completion, and paying the renewal fee are critical steps. Using an online provider can make the process more straightforward. Making renewal a priority maintains your license in good standing.


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